Crispy Potato Kale Tacos

Mexican Style Crispy Potato-Kale Tacos, with a little Venice Beach spin, and a great way to put healthy vegetables into a all time favorite everyone will enjoy!

Start to Finish:  50 Minutes

Click HERE to view on YouTube.

Chef Chaza displays Crispy Potato Kale Tacos


2 x Potatoes

12 x Corn Tortillas

1 cup x Mexican Style Grated Cheese

3 Tbs x Butter (vegetarian version) or Olive Oil (vegan version)

2 to 4 x peeled Cloves of Garlic (to taste)

1 Cup x Cotija Cheese

2 x Bunches of Kale (or any comparable leafy green)

2 Cups x Olive Oil for frying tacos


Peel Potatoes.  Boil water to cook the potatoes, add a clove a garlic and pinch of salt to boiling water. Boil the potatoes until fully cooked so potatoes can be mashed.

While the Potatoes are cooking, wash Kale and strip the Kale leaves from their stems.

Roll the Kales leaves and slice into bite sized pieces before cooking.  Slice two of the Garlic cloves.

In a pan, heat-up one of the tablespoons of Butter (or Olive Oil) in a large sauce pan with sliced garlic, saute until golden-brown.  Do not overcook garlic or burn butter!

As soon as the garlic is golden-brown, add Kale.  Kale will reduce, add salt if needed.  When Kale reduces, remove from stove.

When the potatoes finish boiling (a knife can go all the way through potatoes), pour out water and mash.  Add remaining butter and pinch of salt.  When creamy, add Mexican grated cheese, black pepper (to taste) and kale, mix to create a mashed potato-kale-cheese filling for the tacos.

Heat frying oil.  Hold-off assembling tacos until Oil is hot and ready, otherwise tacos will fall apart before being cooked.  Do not put tacos into oil until oil it hot and ready.  Check oil’s temperature putting wooden spoon into the oil, when oil is ready a wooden spoon will make bubbles and frying sounds like it’s being cooked!  Assemble tacos by putting filling onto half of taco, then folding other half over filling. Put tacos into oil and begin frying.  Flip tacos for even cooking on both sides.

When taco shells are golden-brown, remove from hot oil.  Cooked tacos can be held hot in a 200 degree oven until ready to serve.


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