Chef Chaza Smith resides in Venice Beach, a beachside neighborhood in Los Angeles unique from its neighbors.  Known for being home to artists and free thinkers, today Venice Beach welcomes a wide variety of personalities from around the world, and today even falls under the moniker Silicon Beach, thanks to the influx of internet tech.

Originally founded by Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a separate town, it later merged with Los Angeles, but has always maintained it own eclectic identity.

Bike Path in Venice Beach
A bike path stretches along Venice Beach from north to south, between the boardwalk and beach


Venice Beach has always been a draw for its gorgeous sand and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  Tourists flock from around the world to enjoy sunbathing at Venice Beach.

Venice Beach
People enjoying gorgeous weather in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California


Venice Beach features an eclectic beachside shopping area knows as the Venice Boardwalk.  Vendors set-up small stalls with everything from hand-crafted art to silly t-shirts.

Venice Beach boardwalk
People stroll and shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk that parallels the ocean


Leftover from Abbot Kinney’s original vision for Venice Beach, the Venice Canals offer a beautiful and quit setting only steps away from the bustling city and crowded beaches.  Open to the public, all are welcome to stroll this quiet neighborhood gem hidden from the crowds.

Venice Beach canals
One of the remnants of the original design for Venice Beach, the Venice Canals are a beautiful reminder of how the neighborhood was originally conceived.


Venice Beach offers a vibrant night scene with a wide variety of restaurants and bars throughout the neighborhood.

Venice Beach at Night
Venice Beach attracts visitors to the area for its lively night scene

Venice Beach doesn’t have mega malls, but instead showcases boutique shopping along Abbot Kinney Boulevard that meanders through the heart of the beachside neighborhood.

Botiques along Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice Beach offers boutique shopping along Abbot Kinney Blvd in the heart of the neighborhood