Arabic Yogurt Cucumber Sauce | Leban bil Khyar

Yogurt with Cucumbers and Garlic
Known to Chef as Leban bil Hier (Yogurt with Cucumbers), this savory sauce pair well with one of Chef’s other favorites, Mjedrah.

Leban bil Hier (Yogurt with Cucumbers) features bold and savory Garlicy flavors floating amongst a soft and subtle yogurt sauce intermingled with fresh and crispy cucumber shavings.  A perfect side for Mjedrah!

Time to prepare:  5 Minutes

Special tools:  Mortar and Pestle


Ingredients for Laban bil Khyar (Arabic Yogurt Cucumber Mint Garlic sauce):

2 x Persian Cucumbers

2 Cups x Greek Yogurt

2 x Cloves of Garlic

1/2 Tsp x Dried Mint

1 Tbsp x Olive Oil



How to make Leban bil Kuhar / Yogurt with Cucumber Sauce…

Grate the Cucumbers.  Add them to the yogurt, along with 3 large pinches of salt (more salt makes is more saucy/watery).  Peel the Garlic.  Put the Garlic with a large pinch of Salt into a mortar.  Smash the garlic into a paste like mixture in a Mortar and Pestle.  Add the Garlic paste into the yogurt, along with the olive oil and gently combine all the ingredients.  It should be ready to serve.